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Delivery in Paarl, Stellenbosch and Cape Town

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1.We operate from Paarl, we are partners with the local Trek dealer Cycle4life. Bikes can be picked up and brought back to  the bike shop (open Mon – Sat 8:00 – 5:30). We deliver and pick up bikes in a 10 km range of Paarl, Stellenbosch and Cape Town, so please supply your hotel or accommodation details (minimum of 3 bikes per delivery). Please note our opening hours at the top of this page. After hour appointments by prior arrangement only. An after hours charge of R 500 may be charged if not arranged beforehand.

On Delivery you will need:
1.1. Your Passport or ID for identification.
1.2. We need an imprint of your credit card for security on the bikes – no credit card, no bike.
1.3. The rental amount in cash – South African Rand only or proof of payment.
1.4 Please meet at the entrance of your accommodation at the delivery time
1.5 Please note you are required to check and test ride your bike on delivery to check wheels, gears etc BEFORE you ride the bike. ANY issues with the bike are to be reported BEFORE USE OF THE BIKE. If you do not do so then you accept that the bike was received in good working condition.
1.6 Please note we are not responsible for punctures that happen, gears that are bent or for gear cables that stretch due to incorrect use of the bike AFTER delivery and AFTER USE of the bike.

Daily hire is from 8.00 am – 5:30 pm or part thereof/daily hire is per day not 24 hours.
Please note our hours on the top of this page.
Bikes need to be returned /collected by 5:30 pm on the last day of rental.
Please note we charge time out per bike, not usage.

Peak periods
Cape Town Cycle Tour Week ( Argus) – 7 day hire only / full payment required on booking.

Group bookings / tour operators
Full payment required on booking – 48 hours.

Discounted Long-term rates are charged on a sliding scale even though we may seem to quote a per day rate.

Please note bikes have to be returned by no later than 5:30 pm on the (last) day of hire.

Additional charges apply for:

1) Late returns after 5:30 pm ( 2 x the 1 day hire charge will be levied – please also note our additional after hours fees of R 400 )

2) And/or deliveries outside these hours – after hours fee – R400 per trip (free delivery area) – other areas R400 + std delivery charge (non-free areas) . Early deliveries ie the night/day prior to your rental may be arranged prior to delivery.

3. We work by appointment for deliveries only so please specify delivery and collection times.
We only deliver directly/collect to/from the person renting the bike and not indirectly to/from third parties or hotel concierges. All persons renting bikes need to sign for their bikes on delivery. No exceptions will be considered.

4. Delivery and collecting of bikes: we charge $5 per bike per order with minimum of 3 bikes (delivery zone – max 10 km range from Paarl, Stellenbosch or Cape Town).
Other Areas – a delivery charge will be quoted depending on KM to be travelled.

Additional trips where we are to deliver/collect bikes at scheduled times and customers/bikes are not available for delivery/collection will be charged for at R400 per trip call out fee. Other Areas will be charged @ current charge per km + R400. Additional after hour fees may be charged for after hour deliveries ( see our standard delivery times and hours at the top of the page).

5. Argus / Cape Town Cycle tour bookings:

Cape Town Cycle Tour / Argus entries- Please see our Cape Town Cycle Tour / Argus page on our website – the client acknowledges he has read, understands and agrees to the Cape Town Cycle Tour terms and conditions as per the page on this website.

International payments:

Please note we need to receive the quoted rental amounts in US Dollars paid nett into our bank or Pay Pal account. All international bank charges and currency conversion charges are for your (clients) account. Difference in amounts paid will be payable / refunded on delivery / collecting of the bikes.


Please note we collect bikes after the Cape Town Cycle Tour on Sunday and on Monday we can collect the bikes from your accommodation.

Please note – we are not responsible for Cape Town Cycle Tour entries. We do not enter people – we only rent out bikes. It is your own responsibility to enter directly yourself.

Please note there is a minimum 7 day rental period. Full payment is required on booking. Payments are non refundable if cancelled.

-Only confirmed bookings will be allocated bikes.
-Please keep your proof of payment received from your bank.
-Cancellations: All payments made for the Cape Town Cycle Tour wil be forfeited if your booking is cancelled.

6. If your rental bike is not collected and the outstanding rental amount paid on the date on which your bike rental was to start, your booking may be cancelled and your deposit forfeited.

Cancellations: no refunds./ deposits paid are non-refundable.

7. Customizing of bikes

7.1 Bikes are supplied standard. We have standard setups for each size of our 7 sizes 47, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 and 62. ( ie we have 7  standard setups). These 7 standard set-ups generally fit the majority of our customers.
7.2 Seat heights can be adjusted…. and seats can be adjusted backwards and forwards – to adjust your reach.
7.3 Specialized Customising of bikes can be done by at the bike shops. All charges are for your account.
7.4 Fitting of pedals: please note pedals may be fitted by the Bicycle Rental Company for your rental bike however it is up to you the client to double check and to make sure pedals are tight. The Bicycle Rental Company will not be liable for damage or injuries sustained by pedals not been tightened.

8. Damage to and loss of bikes is for your (client) account.
Bikes can be insured for an additional charge.
Please keep bikes out of sight in a secure area or in sight at all times.
All damage to bikes or loss thereof is payable on demand in cash. Where bikes have been stolen, the Bicycle Rental Company will need a copy of the police report and the police case nr.

There is a general weight limit of 100 kg on the rental bikes.
Helmets (size SMALL to XL only available – if you need bigger than XL you need to supply your own helmet).

Where a problem develops with a bike and you are not able to ride: report it immediately and return the bike immediately – phone, sms, WhatsApp or email.

    1. We will attempt to help where possible and repair
    2. We will replace the bike where possible
    3. If the problem is not reported and the Bicycle Rental Company is only advised when the bike is returned, no refunds will be given. If the bike is kept for additional days and not returned immediately – no refunds will be allowed for the additional days until the bike is returned.
    4. If you continue to use the bike for additional days after reporting that a problem has developed you will be responsible    for any further damage caused.

9. Punctures
Punctures on grass surfaces is a major problem. Please avoid grassy areas. Please be on the lookout for glass on the roadside to prevent damaged / sliced tyres. Beach riding is prohibited – full service cost will apply R550 per bike.

10. Please note:
Even where spare tubes and puncture kits are supplied it is up to the user to double check these before riding the bike or to supply his own as the Bicycle Rental Company is not responsible for any faulty spares supplied. For events please provide your own extra spare tubes.

11. You undertake that only the persons specified on the rental form will operate the bike(s).

12. Bike carriers
Our bikes are not to be transported in the back of trucks or bakkies under any circumstances. Our bikes are to be transported with due care inside vehicles or on a bike carrier in good condition.

Rates are subject to change without notice

All quotes are valid for 24 hours

If deposits which have been requested are not received within 48 hours the booking is automatically cancelled without further notification.

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